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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Monday, 1 December 2014

Edinburgh Degree Show 14'

I'm impressed! Architecture on display in the sculpture court for the first time in (i think they said 30 years!) It looks like the style of my year has exploded over everything which ain't a bad thing in my opinion. 


I have been terrible at trying to keep up blogging. 2014 has been a crazy (not in a good way) year. I also set up another blog, however it doesn't really have the look I want so here I am, back with the trusty blogger. I want to blog more regularly about being a part three architect, and what that entails. I also want to use it as an archive of inspiration and a test ground for the book I am currently writing on the housing crisis, hoping to finish it before the housing crisis morphs again. So I intend from here on out to be better. 

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Ok so yesterday was my twenty fifth birthday which means I have been on this earth for a quarter of a century! Since my birthday has never really lived up to what birthdays are supposed to be (not since I was a teenager anyway) its a day I take to be by myself...which means a little more before I lived on my own..its just a reflective day, seeing what I've achieved and what I want to plan...not that plans I have work out, well not if they involve anyone but myself!! 

I look back at the last year and the good bits the amazing bits the weird bits....I try (and so far succeed) in not having regrets i have done thinks that on reflection probably weren't a good idea but if I was in the same position with the same information i would always choose the same path. I look at life like this: I have only been responsible for myself since I was sixteen really... that not even ten years yet...and ive accomplished everything i want. When I was thirteen I decided what i wanted to do with my life and I still am. I see friends of mine not yet on there path still thinking what they want to do, and i feel lucky to have know that after all your 20's are for your career!

Its strange I think my full return to my blog will be visiting Edinburgh College of Art on the 22nd for the degree show 2014...missed the fashion show this year...gutted. I'm attending the business and alumni the city my father wishes id talk less about, as he seems to find it insulting i love it. I never meant to it just happened, he is trying to get me to like Harrogate but I'm afraid it just isn't me, as one of my Edinburgh friends said to me 'your a city girl' I was kind of shocked as I grew up as far from a city as you can get but I think they're right...I need the distraction from my head...a vague bi-polarishness (medical term) but I also need the countryside. I don't know where i'll go after this... it don't want to 'settle' as my boss puts it, Jesus that's a terrifying word. I want to do too much to get married have kids and buy a little house in Yorkshire and just build people extensions.. Its never enough..I do need to feel content at some point though. And whilst I love Edinburgh it was driving me insane near the end, i didn't want to stay there, but I could have part of my life at least settled there... we'll see. 

In the last year getting a job and moving my life in two weeks from 0-100 was stressful, something I also just put my best friend through...i needed someone to moan at! but these crazy moves meant I desperately needed to see the love of my life, my best friend and inform her of a cake shortage. I got to go to Hong Kong for that so not too shabby!! Just having someone who gets you...I didn't realise how much I miss it and how fudging lucky I was to have her 50mins away for sooo much of my life (though honestly it still feels like that!) its a 14hr flight but its only 50mins on the train in my head. 

So i'll check in with the Edinburgh Degree Show 2014. with photos.